First blog post

Ive kept a diary, on and off since i was about 9. I remember the first time i kept a diary I would religiously write in every day after school. I found myself neglecting the school work i actually had to do, and rushing home to spend time writing about my day, my friends and all the other things 11 year old me had to deal with. I had more freedom in my diary. I could say whatever I wanted, be whoever i wanted, and nobody would ever have to read it. This meant I could write about whatever I wanted. School, friends, boys, family matters, personal fears. Writing about all of these things was very personal for me, and this meant that my diary became something that needed to be hidden. Throughout the years, I’ve become quite creative with the hiding places i’ve chosen for my diary. Having the security of knowing that nobody could find it and read it, meant that my writing was intensely personal and pure. I didn’t hold back what I wanted to say in it. I think that’s where my love for writing was born, which makes this intro, a suitable place to start.

The only difference between then, and now, is that I’m not going to be the only one who reads this. That, is something I am okay with now.
If someone had read my diary when I was 11, I would have thought the world was ending. Isn’t it funny how things work out?
I still keep a diary now. It’s a little leather bound, purple notebook, with a magnetic clasp. It says ‘dreams’ in italics on the front cover. My best friend gave it to me as a christmas present and I fell in love with it at first sight. Throughout the year, it’s been my secret little piece of solitude. It’s a lonely place. A place where my brain usually goes at 3am, or when theres a little line or poem stuck in it. The pages are filled with little pieces of me. Words, stories, ideas, dreams. It’s me in my purest form. Which is what I hope this blog will be.
A place where I can be myself (without the solitude obviously).
I hope this blog can be a place, where you can be yourself too. A safe space.
Our own little corner of the internet.
I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for the last year. It was last Christmas when I said to myself, “why not give it a shot?”. Of course, my self-doubts had various answers to that question. The biggest fear was that, nobody will read it, and if they do, nobody will like it enough to read regularly. I’m quite a shy person in real life, so broadcasting my thoughts on the internet feels a bit weird. It took me nearly a year to work up the courage to seriously consider it. When I decided that I would I had no idea where to start. I still don’t know where to start. But hey everyone has to start somewhere right?
If now you’re wondering, “what will she post about?”, its mainly going to be just what i said above. The main focus of this blog is to be a lifestyle blog. I’ll post about what I know, whether thats stuff like pop culture, social media, fashion, music, art or whatever. If you like to read about any of these things, and you think you’d like to hear what I have to say in the future, stick around.
signing off,

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