Guitar hero?

So last Christmas, I took a notion (like i regularly do) and convinced my dad to buy me a guitar. It didn’t take much convincing actually. When I announced that I wanted to learn the guitar he was quite happy to buy me one.
You see, I’ve never been much of an instrument girl.
Every child in Ireland has learned how to play the tin whistle. It’s like learning to tie your shoes. You just learn it in Primary school, play it now and again at a wedding or a carol service and then pretty much never again.
When I was about 10, my mum signed me and my sister up for piano lessons. We went for about 6 months and to this day, I can only play one song on the piano.
My dad bought me a beautiful guitar. It wasn’t a fancy one or anything but it looked stunning to me, all new and glossy. I sat it proudly on the stand that came with it, in the living room and marvelled at it. Days passed. More days passed. Weeks passed. MONTHS PASSED.
Don’t try and tell me you’ve never done that sort of thing. It’s not that I didn’t want to start learning the guitar, its just that I didn’t know where to start. I procrastinated it so much that I let the whole year go by without learning a single chord.
THAT IS until about 2 weeks ago. I finally plucked (get it?) up the courage to dive in and it honestly is just as difficult as I thought it would be.
I found some really helpful tutorials on YouTube and managed to teach myself 3 chords, an A, an E minor and a D. I was chuffed not going to lie.
But now I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. It’s not easy teaching yourself.
So i thought maybe some of you people might have suggestions?
Do you know how to play guitar? And if so did you teach yourself?
Do you have any tips on how to make it easier?
I’d love to know!
for now!
signing off,


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