Morphe Brushes 35T Palette review

Hey again!

So recently in an attempt to make myself feel better because school starts today (eek) I purchased the Morphe Brushes 35T eyeshadow palette. I had originally been looking at the Morphe 350 palette, which is quite similar, but when that one was out of stock on Beauty Bay, I decided to just buy the 35T instead.

And wow am I glad I did!

The packaging alone was to die for. A sleek, black, palette holding so much vibrant exciting colour inside. I was like a kid on Christmas when it finally arrived in the mail. The delivery time was well within what Beauty Bay had said it might be and I was very happy with their service and will definitely be buying from them again in future.

IMG_0598 (1).jpg

Please excuse the fingerprints on mine! I suppose that just shows how much I’ve used it which is obviously a good thing.

The inside of the palette looks like this:

IMG_2094 (1).jpg


Isn’t it stunning? The theme of the palette is basically an array of Taupe/ Nude/ Glittery shades. They’re all similar in tone but so different.

There’s a great mixture of both matte shadows and shimmery ones. The shadows have a kind of soft, velvety texture to them and are incredibly pigmented. When I did swatches on my arm the first time I was baffled at how they didn’t wipe off until I used soap and water. I have been obsessed with trying new looks with this palette since I got it and there are endless combinations you can try. I personally love a smokey eye with some gold glitter for the autumn time and this palette caters to that perfectly.





Here are some of the swatches in different lighting.

The most impressive thing about this palette is that you get 35 beautiful colours, for €24.70. I bought mine on Beauty Bay and I would highly recommend them.


Well that’s it then! Conclusion, the Morphe Brushes 35T palette is a massive hit and a fantastic palette for the upcoming autumn. Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you have this palette and whether you liked it.

Signing off,



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