Why Stranger Things is the best show of 2016.

It’s all in the title.

I am OBSESSED with this show. I started watching it one evening mid-summer when I was bored and had finished the show I was previously watching. I had heard the hype about it, and honestly I didn’t think I’d like it. From what I’d heard it was very science-fiction-y and not really something I would usually enjoy. I decided to give it a go anyway and I am so freaking glad I did.

For any of you who haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, it’s basically an 8 episode Netflix series, set in 1983, in a small town. The show follows the disappearance of a boy named Will Byers, his 3 best friends who are doing whatever they can to find their friend, and Will’s family. His mother is played by Winona Ryder, who is one of my favourite actresses purely because my favourite movie ever is Girl, Interrupted in which she plays Susanna. I absolutely loved this show and below is my list of reasons why it should be added to your Netflix list immediately.


1. Winona Ryder

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 00.36.01

She’s just an amazing actress. Playing the role of Will’s distraught mother suited her to a T. She perfectly portrayed the mother of a missing child, desperate and eager for answers. I’ve always been a fan of Winona’s and when I saw that she was in this show, it made it automatically 10 times better.


2. The 80’s vibes

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 00.34.48

80’s everything is just so much cooler. There was a lot of focus on the high school students and what they got up to (looking at you Nancy and Steve). It was just so different and magical getting to watch teenagers in a different time period. It was nice actually, watching Nancy fawn over Steve without checking her phone every 10 minutes for his most recent snapchat or Instagram.


3. The Style

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 01.01.10

Their style! Apparently I’m not the only one who picked up on the chic, timeless edge that Barb and Nancy were sporting. It’s become quite a talking point of the show. Barb is serving this kind of preppy librarian look that oddly works, while Nancy dresses like a preschooler and still manages to look adorable and very much in style at the moment. I adore the styling in the show. It’s all very 80’s with the cable knit jumpers and high waisted pants. Each character has their own personal style and its really made the show even more interesting for me.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 01.01.45.jpg

4. The kids

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 00.35.33Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 01.01.58

The kids in the show are incredible. Not only are they amazing actors they just bring fun and humour to the show which would be really dark without some jokes here and there. The friendship of the boys is the stand out theme of the show for me. Its heart warming to see the lengths they will go to to help each other. There’s an air of innocence they bring and while the show has things like missing persons and crazy-scary government people, theres also some adorable scenes where the kids are just cycling their bikes or playing board games.


5. How badass Eleven is


How can you not love her? She stole my heart from the beginning. Eleven is a little girl with… special powers (without giving away anything) who has clearly been mistreated by whoever she’s been raised by. She befriends the boys and becomes their kind of weapon and saviour at the same time. As well as being a total badass who can do amazing things with her mind, Eleven (or El) is a sweetheart, who just wants to eat eggo waffles and be loved. She breaks my heart and warms it all at the same time.

6. The soundtrack

No picture for this one, but I can say that Jonathan Byers, is the music expert in the show. He is seen in part of the show, giving a mixtape to his younger brother before he goes missing. One song on that tape that makes an appearance several times throughout the show, is “should I stay or should I go” by the Clash. A great song, a great show. All round thumbs up from alana.


Have I convinced you yet? I surely hope so! If you’ve already watched Stranger Things let me know below if you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you haven’t, but plan to after reading this, let me know too! Thanks so much for reading.

Signing off,

alana x



6 thoughts on “Why Stranger Things is the best show of 2016.

  1. This sounds interesting! I have just finished watching a bunch of tv series. I’ll check this out next.
    I’m currently watching “Between” a Netflix original 🙂 I’m loving it xx

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