Zoella Lifestyle Announcement!

Hello everyone!

As you can probably tell from the title, this post is on the new Zoella (or Zoe Sugg) products!


I am a huge fan of Zoe’s and I’ve been watching her videos and reading her blog since 2014. She was one of my first and biggest inspirations in starting my blog and I have to credit her for my motivation to start. I hope one day I get to meet her and thank her for that.

Anyways enough of the mushy gushy and lets talk about her AMAZING range.

For my birthday last year, my friend bought me various products from her previous range. The smell is almost addictive its so good. I love fruity, candy-ish smells and the ‘candy cream’, and ‘Let’s Spritz’ mist are both incredible.

Yesterday on snapchat, Zoe announced the launch of Zoella Lifestyle, her new homeware range, including candles, diffusers, stationary, slogan pillows etc. AND I AM SO EXCITED.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 16.59.00.png

I feel almost spoiled by her with all of this new stuff! It was only last week (I think) when she announced her new Christmas range which I was DYING over.

Christmassy, comfort smells like gingerbread and cinnamon are my favourite so the fact that her entire range is based around christmas smells is a dream to me.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 17.10.43.png
I must say I am most excited about her candle range. I am yet to smell a Zoella product that  I don’t like, so I have no doubt I’ll purchasing these candles straight away. The top of my list is the gingerbread scented candle, and My Eden which Zoe described as a floral scent, and chose as one of her personal favourites.


I’ll also be lining up to get my notebook from her range. I love the design she chose for them and the way theres quotes on the inside. Definitely will have to get myself one of those. Perhaps for my 2017 diary?


Who am i kidding? I already know I’m going to buy everything from this range!
Reviews of everything to come, whenever I can get my hands on these beauties.
You can fawn over the new products by visiting @Zoellalifestyle on Instagram! (all of these pictures were taken from there)
What have you got your eye on so far? Let me know!


Signing off,

10 thoughts on “Zoella Lifestyle Announcement!

  1. Honestly the candles are what I am most excited for! I’m in a serious candle phase right now and Zoella has yet to produce something that doesn’t smell amazing 🙂 thanks for sharing! Although I follow zoella as completely un aware! Thanks for filling me in

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