How to: clean your makeup brushes!

Good evening!

I hope all your days have been lovely. Yesterday I was looking at my makeup brushes with mild disgust that I hadn’t washed them in a little over 2 weeks. I decided that I’d make a blog post, describing how I clean my makeup brushes. Here you go!




Why cleaning your brushes is essential!

  1. For the obvious one, it’s gross not to. Every time your brush touches your face, it collects bacteria, dead skin and excess makeup. Then, you leave it there in your drawer to fester and create more bacteria while it waits to be used again. Gross right?
  2. Blending your eyeshadow with dirty brushes is a nightmare we have all lived. Trying to blend a pretty pink eyeshadow with a brush that’s full of black eyeshadow… So annoying.
  3. If you suffer from acne (or just have teenage skin like I do) cleaning your brushes should happen nearly once every week. Using a brush (or sponge) on your face, and then not cleaning it, can lead to spots spreading across your face and nobody wants that.
  4. It’s easy! And I’m about to show you why…


How to…

Collect your makeup brushes and dampen them all under warm water.

I like to use baby shampoo to wash my brushes but I’ve heard of people using lot’s of different cleaners including antibacterial soap. You can buy special brush cleaners but honestly I don’t think any of them can do anything better that just regular old shampoo and water.

Pump a little bit of the shampoo onto the palm of your hand and use your hand as a platform for washing. Swirl the brush against your hand let the old makeup rinse off. Be sure to give it a good rinse when you’ve finished. That’s it!

I hope you learned something from this. If you did, and I inspired you to go wash your brushes let me know below!


look how clean!



Signing off,

alana x





6 thoughts on “How to: clean your makeup brushes!

  1. I just recently cleaned my makeup brushes and it was so gross how much makeup residue was on them! I agree that we should try and clean out makeup brushes as much was we can. If not, we’re basically putting bacteria on our face!


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