London Fashion Week: show stoppers

Ah fashion week.

Ever since I was I was old enough to say the word fashion I wanted to be there.
Fashion week is the place to be. Anyone who’s anyone in the fashion industry is there, and in full swing for a week out of a fashion bloggers dream.
Watching from home just isn’t the same is it?
I hope one day I get the chance to even peek over the walls at it happening, because that is my ultimate destination.


Fashion for me usually isn’t about overpriced clothes and size 0 models and pretentious fashion shows. It’s about creativity and being bold and daring and a bit cheeky.
However, every year fashion week rolls around, you’ll find me glued to my laptop, with my eyes peeled for the most beautiful lines and labels, whatever the price.


This year, the one that stole the show for me was a label I hadn’t heard of before; Temperley London. For me, it was as much art as it was fashion. Here are some of the pieces that made me swoon.







alana x


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