Glitter Bug

Belated Happy Halloween to you all!

Yesterday I was at Justin Bieber (blog to come on that later this week) and I didn’t get a chance to upload this post on what I did for Halloween.

Halloween definitely isn’t as big a holiday in Ireland as I’d like it to be. However unfazed everyone else is by it, it’s always been probably my favourite time of the year. I love scary things, and dressing up. This year I was helping out with my friends at a haunted house that was being done by my friends uncle. It was super fun.

My friends all decided this year that they weren’t going to dress up, as there wasn’t really anywhere to show off a costume, and it was far too cold outside to wear it to a haunted house. I didn’t want the day to go by without doing anything different and creative so I decided to go a little nuts with some glitter I found in my old makeup bag.

I did my makeup normally first, using a pinky toned eyeshadow and a pink lip.

Then on my temple/cheekbone area, I applied some vaseline, to help the glitter stick better. Then with my finger I just dotted on some glitter over the vaseline, in an even layer. I chose pink glitter because I thought it looked quite cute and girly, maybe like a fairy or an alien princess (lol). Towards the end I added more glitter to my eyelids and a diamonte on the inner corner of my eye for added effect.




I added a black choker and wore a black top to make the glitter stand out more. And that was it! Glitter is so much fun to play with, and I plan on wearing it much more, maybe even on regular days when I feel like adding a bit of sparkle to my boring makeup routine.


The final look. Lipstick was the NYX soft matter lip cream in Istanbul. The glitter you can get at most drugstores or even sometimes craft stores. 

Hope you all had a great Halloween? Let me know down below if you dressed up, and if you did, what as?



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