Purpose Tour 2016

Last Tuesday, the 1st of November I went with my 3 friends and my sister to see Justin Bieber in the 3arena in Dublin. Me and my sister have been huge Bieber fans since 2010. We’ve grown up with Justin, listening and loving everything he puts out, and sticking by him when the media rips him to shreds. So for the past year, since we got the tickets, we’ve been counting down the days. Finally last Tuesday the day had arrived.

We woke up bright and early, at 7 and were on the road by half 8. I took a few pictures of my makeup which was just a soft brown eye shadow and nude lip combo, with minimal eyeliner as i knew it would be running down my face in the cold after 5 minutes.










We planned to wait outside the venue for most of the day, so I knew that my makeup would be long gone by 8pm that evening anyway.

For my outfit, I wore a plaid american apparel skirt I got for my birthday, with black tights (because November is cold), a grey bodysuit and a black leather jacket. I wore that with a very practical shoe choice, my black hi-sk8 vans.



We were standing for the concert which was absolutely crazy. If you’ve ever stood for a concert and experienced pushing and shoving, I promise you this was 10 times worse. So many girls were fainting and collapsing it was very scary. I don’t like big crowds at the best ofttimes, but this was just awful.
I couldn’t let that ruin my night though. Justin came on and nothing else mattered. It was magical the whole night and I’m continuously blown away by his talent.


Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 22.48.07.jpg

I finally got my merch I’ve been waiting forever for too, and I’m happy as larry now sitting here looking back at my videos from the night and wearing my JB t-shirt proudly.
Are any of you going to Purpose tour, or have you been already? What did you think?



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