Fake Tan Routine!


My favourite fake tan is actually an Irish brand called “Cocoa Brown”. I’ve tried many tans in the past and I can honestly say I’ve has the best experiences with this one, by far. I don’t use fake tan on a daily or even weekly basis, as I don’t think it’s necessary for school or everyday life, but I do go out a weekend every now and then with my friends or go to a concert and want to be tanned and glammed to the max. So if you’re also a lover of the bronze, read on for tips on how to always get the most even, beautiful tan you can (please pardon the rhyme that was too tempting).



A complete shave of the legs is necessary for an even tan. I recommend shaving the night before you apply the tan, as It gives your skin time to breathe, and if you put on tan right after shaving, it can settle into your pores and leave you looking like a spotty orange, which is not the desired affect at all.



Exfoliating your whole body is key. You want to take a luffa, or washcloth and exfoliate in circles around your body in the shower. For added, deeper exfoliation, use a gritty scrub, which will really get rid of any dead skin, and leave your skin smooth.



Important! But like the steps above, it should be done the night before, so it can soak into your skin and leave you soft and ready for tanning the next day.


Clean tanning mit!

I use just a simple one from Pennys which I think is like 2 euro or something. Make sure your mit is clean and dry before applying the tan to it.
The cocoa brown tan I use, comes in a mousse formula, which I find very easy to buff around your body, especially difficult areas like your shoulders and knees. It settles into your skin really well and doesn’t make you look patchy or sticky at all.
To apply it, shake the bottle, and squirt some onto the mit. Then just buff quickly onto your skin, making sure to blend properly so there’s no streaks.


Some cocoa brown tans are wash-off ones, which you can leave on for however long you want (recommended 1 hour for a natural looking tan, 3 hours + for a darker glow).

And voila! Perfect, even looking tan every time. I hope this helped some if you’re new to fake tan or it scares you a little bit (the fear of looking like an oompa loompa is real). If you have any tan suggestions for me, leave it in the comments below.


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