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How are you all doing? I cannot wait until these exams are over so I can start all the christmassy themed blog posts I have in mind. Basically I spent today studying for my maths and biology tests that are tomorrow. I thought maybe I’d do a quick little study guide if you want to know any of my study tips.

  1. Clear space, clear mind

This is super important for me. I have to have a clear desk, free of clutter to be able to concentrate properly. It’s no good getting your biology notes mixed up with your history notes. Clear everything, except what you need, off your study area.


2. Make a Study Plan

I find this helpful too. I often sit down and take out a book and forget what it is I actually need to study. It helps if you make a little list, outlining what chapters/subjects you need to read/study.


3. Test yourself

Every now and again, stop and put your book down. Ask yourself questions or write down a little summary of the chapter, to see if what your learning is actually sinking in. Believe me when I say that I’ve been studying some subjects for hours before I realise that none of its actually sinking in to my brain (when that happens, its time for my next tip)…


4. Take breaks

This is important. You need to give your mind time to absorb the knowledge you’re feeding it and also give it a rest. Get up and walk around for a few minutes, make yourself a cup of tea or some lunch. Anything really. Just make sure that you’re not tempted to take too many breaks, or breaks that last too long. It’s best not to start watching TV or listening to music while you take a break, as it can be hard to drag yourself away and back to your study station.


5. ย Write it out

I find this as the most effective way to help me learn things. There are studies that prove that writing things by hand are more effective in helping you remember them than typing. If writing doesn’t do it for you, thats fine too. Maybe you would benefit more from reading, or even saying the words out loud.


6. Hydrate

Drinking water stops you from feeling lethargic, tired and just blegh in general. So fill up a bottle of water, and have it beside you as you study so you can take a sip every now and then. Extra benefits is that you’ll also stay healthy and have nice skin so chug chug chug.


Hopefully you learned something from these tips! If you think you’ll be using any of these for future study sessions, or have any other tips to share, leave them in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Study tips!

  1. I really need to start doing this. Clearing my mind, for me, is so difficult, and organising myself too. But I know that in order to succeed, I should start studying more effectively. Thanks for writing this – it really helped!

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