Christmas Movie Suggestions

Hello blog 🙂

Today is a very chill Christmas-movies-and-endless-cups-of-tea-and-yule-log day.
I was on a night out last night and this morning I decided today would be a long awaited lazy day, complete with lazy day food and lazy day attire aka pyjama bottoms and the cosiest hoodie.
I can’t believe its only a week until Christmas day. It feels like only yesterday I was writing a back to school post and now here we are. I have most of my Christmas presents bought but I’m still waiting for some of them to be delivered, which I’m quite nervous about as I really hope they arrive before Christmas eve.
On Friday evening I watched one of my favourite Christmas movies “Elf”.
Today I want to watch another Christmas movie so I thought I’d ask you guys for suggestions. What is your favourite Christmas movie? I want one that really gets me into the Christmas spirit. I’ll leave a little list below of some more of my favourites and you can add some in the comments that you think I’ll like. Have a lovely Sunday!


Other amazing Christmas movies

The Santa Clause
Home Alone
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
The Holiday
A Christmas Carol

8 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Suggestions

  1. This sounds like a perfect Christmas type of day, girlfriend!! I felt cozy just reading your post (which was greatly needed considering it is FREEZING here in Texas right now!). Hmmm- my favorite Christmas movie, besides Elf would have to be It’s A wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th street!

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