SoSueMe Highlighter Kit Review

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

So for Christmas, my legend of a little sister gave me the SoSueMe Highlighter Kit. If you live under a rock in the blogging world, and you don’t know who SoSueMe is, her name is Suzanne Jackson, and she’s an Irish blogger turned beauty extraordinaire who’s recently come out with a contour kit, a line of false lashes and most recently, a highlight palette.

This palette had six gorgeous shimmering highlights. They all have names that melt my heart, “Moon Sparkle” and “Unicorn dust” make my innermost girly girl squeal. Their pigmentation is just as squeal-worthy. I did some swatches just to show you how they look on skin.





I used a mixture of moon sparkle and shooting star on my face, last sunday night and I honestly loved them just as much as I expected to. It made my cheekbones look defined and glowing, and it was noticeable in pictures too.

To conclude, this palette is worth every penny (thanks sis) and if you’re on the lookout for a palette with highlight shades to suit your every makeup look, then look no further.

Thanks Suzanne! x




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