The Best Weekend ♡

I finally have a second to breathe, sit down and write about this weekend without any interruptions. So basically, I’ve had this weekend planned for a long time. In September, me and my two best friends bought tickets to go see one of my favourite artists, Jacob Whitesides. The day finally came around, last Friday.

If anyone knows the struggle of going to concerts when you live in the countryside then you’ll understand this post. Concerts are so much more of a big deal when you live so far from the venue. On Friday morning, we ditched school and got on a bus for 3 and a half hours to Dublin. We walked around all day, in the rain, our clothes and our feet soaking. We stayed that night with my friends sister who lives in Dublin, and we got changed there. Then we went to the concert.


Jacob Whitesides does this thing for his tours, where the first 25 people who buy tickets get free meet and greet. We were in the first 25 so we got to meet him! I was so nervous. I had never met someone who was actually famous before. I’ve been listening to his music since 2013, it was so strange to see him in person, and have him give me a hug. He was so so sweet though and even more beautiful in person than he is on a screen. The concert was amazing. His voice in angelic, and he just had so much energy and looked like he was having such a good time.



Afterwards, we wandered around Dublin, just people watching and enjoying the Friday nightlife. Back in the apartment, we had a pizza and talked about the show and went to sleep.

The next morning we got the bus back at 10 o’clock, which didn’t seem early the night before, but was painfully early when we had to drag our tired bodies to the bus station. The bus journey home felt so long too. When we finally got back I barely had time to have a cup of tea and I was off again, to a school football match. Unfortunately our team lost but it was a good match nevertheless.

Straight after, I rushed home and got ready to go out, as it was a friends birthday. By then I was exhausted but I refused to let the fatigue get me down. I went out anyways and we had such a fun night.

This morning I woke up, with absolutely no voice but I suppose thats just a sign of a well-spent weekend!

What did you get up to this weekend? Did it leave you without a voice too?

Also, I highly recommend all of you, dropping whatever you’re doing right now, and listening to Jacob Whitesides music. He’s so talented and his music deserves to be played more. Have an amazing week!







6 thoughts on “The Best Weekend ♡

  1. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend – no rest for the wicked, right? I totally understand the struggle of countryside living too – my parents lived 45 minutes away from the nearest town so going anywhere was a treck!
    Elen x

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