How To Style: Shirt Dresses ♡

Hey everyone!

Something I picked up recently in Penny’s, which I have become a bit obsessed with, is this shirt dress.


I was skeptical at first, thinking that it would overpower me or make me look lost in it (as I’m short and baggy dresses sometimes do that). But I was very pleasantly surprised.

This got me thinking of the many different ways I could make the dress look different and cool.

My initial thought was to wear it barelegged (I think tights could make it look too dark) and a simple pair of chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are just little black slip on boots if you weren’t sure.


I’m actually not sure where I got my ones, but you can get a great pair from Schuh.


The second way I would have styled this, was with a pair of white converse runners, and a denim jacket. I think a denim jacket looks cool over almost anything (except more denim of course…)

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 15.35.53.png

You can get a pair like this from Schuh for €56.00


The third way I would style this shirt, is to wear it open (yes open) but put a white or grey tank top underneath and a pair of jeans or shorts. Leaving the shirt long and flowy immediately makes your outfit look sophisticated and put together.

Hope this interested some of you! Let me know how you would style this shirt dress, so I can get the most wear out of it possible.








Girls Supporting Girls

I know I’m a few days late with this post, but I felt like I couldn’t let this iconic day pass without writing about it. My blog needed a little lift of feminine power on the day that encourages it most. I was inspired to write this by reading Zoella’s (my favourite lady blogger) blog post about women that inspire her and female encouragement.


I’ve learned through years of being friends with girls who do nothing but tear each other down, that the only way we’ll get anywhere in life, is if we LIFT EACH OTHER UP. It’s so simple. Girls who support other girls. Its important. My best friends now, who have been there for me through thick and thin, are some of the most beautiful, strong human beings you will ever meet. That’s the kind of woman you want to be. Thats the kind of sister, mother, aunt, cousin, neighbour or best friend you want to be.


I felt like this week, I needed to write about female encouragement, because seeing all the beautiful posts online about international womens day, reminded me of the power that can come from girl supporting girl, woman supporting woman. Encourage each other, use your energy for making other girls feel good about themselves. There’s enough toxicity in the world without women tearing each other down. Spread the love.


On that note, I want to make an offer to all you beautiful girl-bloggers out there. I’ve had nothing but incredibly support since I started my blog (all the likes and lovely comments) and I’m so grateful. If you want to form a support system, maybe do some sort of collaboration with me, I would love that. I feel like girls supporting girls should be put into practise on here too. Let me know in the comments, what women inspire you and if you’d like to collab on something!

The Best Weekend ♡

I finally have a second to breathe, sit down and write about this weekend without any interruptions. So basically, I’ve had this weekend planned for a long time. In September, me and my two best friends bought tickets to go see one of my favourite artists, Jacob Whitesides. The day finally came around, last Friday.

If anyone knows the struggle of going to concerts when you live in the countryside then you’ll understand this post. Concerts are so much more of a big deal when you live so far from the venue. On Friday morning, we ditched school and got on a bus for 3 and a half hours to Dublin. We walked around all day, in the rain, our clothes and our feet soaking. We stayed that night with my friends sister who lives in Dublin, and we got changed there. Then we went to the concert.


Jacob Whitesides does this thing for his tours, where the first 25 people who buy tickets get free meet and greet. We were in the first 25 so we got to meet him! I was so nervous. I had never met someone who was actually famous before. I’ve been listening to his music since 2013, it was so strange to see him in person, and have him give me a hug. He was so so sweet though and even more beautiful in person than he is on a screen. The concert was amazing. His voice in angelic, and he just had so much energy and looked like he was having such a good time.



Afterwards, we wandered around Dublin, just people watching and enjoying the Friday nightlife. Back in the apartment, we had a pizza and talked about the show and went to sleep.

The next morning we got the bus back at 10 o’clock, which didn’t seem early the night before, but was painfully early when we had to drag our tired bodies to the bus station. The bus journey home felt so long too. When we finally got back I barely had time to have a cup of tea and I was off again, to a school football match. Unfortunately our team lost but it was a good match nevertheless.

Straight after, I rushed home and got ready to go out, as it was a friends birthday. By then I was exhausted but I refused to let the fatigue get me down. I went out anyways and we had such a fun night.

This morning I woke up, with absolutely no voice but I suppose thats just a sign of a well-spent weekend!

What did you get up to this weekend? Did it leave you without a voice too?

Also, I highly recommend all of you, dropping whatever you’re doing right now, and listening to Jacob Whitesides music. He’s so talented and his music deserves to be played more. Have an amazing week!






Lazy Day Guide ♡

hello hello!

Sorry I’ve been m.i.a for a bit, I’ve had a pretty full up week, and with school and everything time just sort of got away from me. but I’m back (and I’ve really missed blogging).

I’ve just got midterm holidays which means a week full of doing nothing (except blogging and binge watching netflix) which I’m very excited to do.

Anyways, today i’ve decided to go with the theme of doing absolutely nothing.
I’m a big fan of a lazy day here and there.
I’ve put together a little lazy day guide, a kind of “how-to” on relaxing and having the best lazy day ever. So if you’re in need of a day of a relaxation, or need some inspo for what to spend your Sunday doing, keep reading.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Get Comfy

The most important step. There’s no comfort in a lazy day where your face is caked with makeup and you’re wearing your skinniest jeans. Choose your oldest sweatpants and some fluffy socks for the ultimate “Lazy Day” experience.




There’s so many great shows and movies on Netflix, that you’ll never run out of things to keep you entertained. Some of my favourites at the minute, are Gossip Girl, American Horror Story, How to get away with murder, and Black Mirror.




If you don’t like reading, obviously this step isn’t for you, but I personally love a good book on a lazy day. It’s one of the things that relaxes me most in the world.


Nice Scents

My top tip for nice scents is use them in your bath or shower. Scents that you love, can be super calming and it’s always nice to smell good. Lush has some incredible scents, so you’re bound to find one you like in there. I really like vanilla scents so I get a lot of use out of this little Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion.




Outfit Planning

If you find it difficult to be unproductive (which it can be sometimes) there’s always useful things you can do around the house that I find almost therapeutic, one being, outfit planning. This is fun, as well as relaxing. Just go through your wardrobe and pick out things that you think look good together. Also, if there’s anything you don’t wear anymore, or have grown out of, put it aside and you can give to it a friend or to charity. Cleaning out your wardrobe is like a breath of fresh air.

Other things that perfect a lazy day:



Looking through old photos

Sorting out your makeup

Online shopping

Arts and crafts

Painting your nails






Teenage Skincare Routine ♡

I don’t have the best skin, so I’m definitely not claiming to be an expect about skincare and how to get perfect skin, because mine is far from perfect. This is just a little routine of what I do nightly to my face. I’ve included pictures of all the products below and if you want any more information about any of them, ask in the comments.

I start by taking off any makeup I had on during the day. To do this I use to Garnier Micellar water on a cotton pad. It says that you don’t need to rinse this off your face but I do it anyway. Then I wash my face with warm water.



Next comes toner. I’ve used this one for years and it’s basically just a mixture of Witchhazel and Rosewater which is excellent for drying up spots and it smells really good too. I put that on a cotton pad and put it all over my face.



After that I use a spot cream on any blemishes I have. I use a cream called Duac which I find really good, but you can use any spot treatment that works for you. I put a tiny bit of that directly on any spots and let it dry in.

After that’s dried in I use a Simple moisturiser. I have quite sensitive skin and moisturisers that are too heavy, can make me break out. Simple is really soft and light. I put that all over again.


I like to do a face mask once a week if I can. This one is my favourite and it’s the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. Everyone raves about this mask and I know why now because it’s amazing.


It’s possibly one of my favourite smells ever and it makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated.

Apply a layer of it all over your face and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water and voila. I highly highly recommend this mask for anyone who has slightly oily or acne prone skin.

Thats basically it! My other tips for keeping your skin as clear as possible is drinking lots of water, trying to avoid touching your face at all and ALWAYS remove your makeup before you go to bed. Other than that, being a teenager usually comes with a little bit of acne. It’s totally normal to get a few spots here and there and it’s not the end of the world. Just take care of your skin and wait out the pesky teenage skin days.

Let me know some of your skin tips! See you soon,





Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas-Eve everyone!


The last few days have been seriously packed with lovely christmassy festivities. Yesterday was the very first day of my Christmas holidays from school and I went into town with my dad to do a bit of last minute gift shopping and also some food shopping. We also had lunch in a seriously cute little Cafe where the coffee was so adorably presented I had to take a picture.


IMG_0521 (1).jpg

I managed to nip into Boots and grab my sister a few more little presents, a Rimmel Stay Matte setting powder and a Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the colour 101.

On Thursday, a book (This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire) I ordered for my friend Aisling arrived in the post. Within my friend group, we did a little secret santa, as all of us are lacking in cash around this time of year. I wrapped up those presents today and finished wrapping some others.



I had a really relaxing Christmas eve all in all and while I’m sitting here drinking tea and eating too much chocolate biscuit cake (again) I wanted to come on here and wish you all a blessed and amazing Christmas. Blogging for the last few months of 2016 has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done, not only this year but ever. I want to thank you all for being so lovely in the comments and always giving me feedback when i ask for it. I truly hope all your Christmases are relaxing, and spent with loved ones. If any of you want to leave me links to your Christmas blog posts below, then I’d love to read them!


I’m so grateful for you all, have a lovely day!
PS: If you don’t celebrate Christmas, and today is just a regular day for you, I hope it’s a really really good one.


Christmas Movie Suggestions

Hello blog 🙂

Today is a very chill Christmas-movies-and-endless-cups-of-tea-and-yule-log day.
I was on a night out last night and this morning I decided today would be a long awaited lazy day, complete with lazy day food and lazy day attire aka pyjama bottoms and the cosiest hoodie.
I can’t believe its only a week until Christmas day. It feels like only yesterday I was writing a back to school post and now here we are. I have most of my Christmas presents bought but I’m still waiting for some of them to be delivered, which I’m quite nervous about as I really hope they arrive before Christmas eve.
On Friday evening I watched one of my favourite Christmas movies “Elf”.
Today I want to watch another Christmas movie so I thought I’d ask you guys for suggestions. What is your favourite Christmas movie? I want one that really gets me into the Christmas spirit. I’ll leave a little list below of some more of my favourites and you can add some in the comments that you think I’ll like. Have a lovely Sunday!


Other amazing Christmas movies

The Santa Clause
Home Alone
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
The Holiday
A Christmas Carol