50% off PrettyLittleThing.com!

Black Friday is a holy day!

If you’re looking for the deal of the year one of my favourite online stores, PrettyLittleThing is having the mother of all Black-Friday sales. It has up to 50% off everything for the next 5 hours. It also has a deal of €1.99 shipping which is amazing because shipping is usually so expensive.

So there you go! If you visit do any online shopping today go to prettylittlething.com and get yourself a deal. I’ll be doing a review of the things I bought when they arrive!

Happy shopping!


Pennys/Primark Winter must haves!

hello hello!

Have you noticed the change in my blog theme? I’m not sure about it yet, but leave comment and let me know what you think, is it hard to navigate or read or anything like that?

Annnnyways, today I put together a little favourites from my recent trip to Pennys (which is Primark if you live in the UK). Pennys is honestly one of my favourite shops, everything is just so affordable and cute. You go in there for a pair of socks and come out with every single piece of their homeware collection, makeup you don’t need and a pair of shorts even though its November. Do you know what I mean?


This cable knit cardigan was €12 and is so warm and cosy. I have a feeling I’m going to be over-wearing this ALOT.




The cutest leather bag ever, was only €14.99.



I love hats so I got a maroon bobble hat for when it get’s a bit colder. This was €7 I think.




I got this bodysuit a little while ago, but its really cute and it goes with everything so I thought I’d include it. This was €6.



My 17th birthday and 100 followers

So Thursday was my 17th birthday!

It was a really nice day, even though most of it was spent at school and I’ve had an awful head cold all week. Aside from that I really enjoyed the day. My friends are the sweetest and they brought in little sweeties and baked goods for a mini party in school. After school I had another little bday celebration with my grandparents and my family. We just had cake and tea and sat around for a few hours talking and whatnot.

I had a gorgeous bath with the marshmallow bath oil from lush which made me feel lush for lack of a better word. Then I just chilled out and watched some YouTube for the rest of the night. It was quite a boring birthday but nice all the same. Yesterday we got all dolled up and went out to another friends birthday party which is the pic above of me and my gorgeous friend in the jeans.

I’m weirdly excited to be seventeen. I feel like it sounds so much better than being sixteen. Is that weird to say?

The biggest surprise though, was when I logged into my blog and saw that I’d hit 100 followers! The 21st of September marks the 1 month anniversary of alanathropology and every day I still get a rush of excitement each time I open a new tab, type in my name and see my blog pop up. I still get butterflies every time I post something new (praying someone will actually read it) and I still smile so big whenever I get a notification that someone liked or followed or left a lovely comment. So thank you, so very much to each and every one of you. You have made this past month so much better than I expected it to be and stay tuned because this is only the beginning of alanathropology. Love you!

Signing off,

Alana x

London Fashion Week: show stoppers

Ah fashion week.

Ever since I was I was old enough to say the word fashion I wanted to be there.
Fashion week is the place to be. Anyone who’s anyone in the fashion industry is there, and in full swing for a week out of a fashion bloggers dream.
Watching from home just isn’t the same is it?
I hope one day I get the chance to even peek over the walls at it happening, because that is my ultimate destination.


Fashion for me usually isn’t about overpriced clothes and size 0 models and pretentious fashion shows. It’s about creativity and being bold and daring and a bit cheeky.
However, every year fashion week rolls around, you’ll find me glued to my laptop, with my eyes peeled for the most beautiful lines and labels, whatever the price.


This year, the one that stole the show for me was a label I hadn’t heard of before; Temperley London. For me, it was as much art as it was fashion. Here are some of the pieces that made me swoon.







alana x

How to: clean your makeup brushes!

Good evening!

I hope all your days have been lovely. Yesterday I was looking at my makeup brushes with mild disgust that I hadn’t washed them in a little over 2 weeks. I decided that I’d make a blog post, describing how I clean my makeup brushes. Here you go!




Why cleaning your brushes is essential!

  1. For the obvious one, it’s gross not to. Every time your brush touches your face, it collects bacteria, dead skin and excess makeup. Then, you leave it there in your drawer to fester and create more bacteria while it waits to be used again. Gross right?
  2. Blending your eyeshadow with dirty brushes is a nightmare we have all lived. Trying to blend a pretty pink eyeshadow with a brush that’s full of black eyeshadow… So annoying.
  3. If you suffer from acne (or just have teenage skin like I do) cleaning your brushes should happen nearly once every week. Using a brush (or sponge) on your face, and then not cleaning it, can lead to spots spreading across your face and nobody wants that.
  4. It’s easy! And I’m about to show you why…


How to…

Collect your makeup brushes and dampen them all under warm water.

I like to use baby shampoo to wash my brushes but I’ve heard of people using lot’s of different cleaners including antibacterial soap. You can buy special brush cleaners but honestly I don’t think any of them can do anything better that just regular old shampoo and water.

Pump a little bit of the shampoo onto the palm of your hand and use your hand as a platform for washing. Swirl the brush against your hand let the old makeup rinse off. Be sure to give it a good rinse when you’ve finished. That’s it!

I hope you learned something from this. If you did, and I inspired you to go wash your brushes let me know below!


look how clean!



Signing off,

alana x




Why Autumn is my favourite season- and should be yours too

Autumn mornings are for waking up but not getting up.

They’re for hot cups of tea and warm blankets. Getting dressed, doing your makeup, complete with an autumnal berry lipstick and tying your hair back.

Autumn afternoons are for walks outside. They’re for blackberries erupting from bramble bushes, signalling the beginning of the season. Leaves of every variety and colour, littering the ground, the trees, the air. Everywhere is a sea of brown, orange, red and purple. Taking pictures of things and finding the perfect angle for the picture. Finally being happy with the perfect shot. They’re for thousands of songs playing in your ears, for only you to hear. All your favourite songs that you don’t want anyone else to hear.


They’re for sipping pumpkin spice drinks, topped with whipped cream, as the cup warms your hands and the drink warms your insides. Window shopping for things you don’t need. Buying something you really don’t need but wanted anyway. Breathing in the bustle of the city, the people who are rushing and the people who are not. You are not.


Afternoons are for laughing wildly with your best friends about something mildly funny. Playing with your hair. Pulling your jacket just a little bit tighter around yourself.




Autumn evenings are for fireplaces. Steaming cups of tea and baked goods. Cookies and gingerbreads. They’re for baths with soft scented bath bombs, that smell like a dream while Lana del Rey plays in the background.

They’re for Harry Potter books and cosy pyjamas. They’re for fluffy socks and fairy lights.


Autumn nights are for rain. Lot’s of it, on the roof and the windows. They’re for that feeling of complete security and warmth, when you’re lying in your bed, wrapped up in covers, listening to the rain, violent and roaring outside while you curl up into a warm bundle of happiness. Knowing you’re safe. You’re warm and happy and safe.


(These are come pictures I took last year of the same tree outside my house, a few weeks apart. How beautiful is that?)






The Versatile Blogger Award!

The Versatile Blogger Award is an amazing award where you can find new blogs and people.

Thank you so much to sprinkleofanonymous.wordpress.com for nominating me for this! I’ve never been tagged in anything before so this is all very exciting to a rookie.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Share the award on your blog
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
  4. Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they’ve been nominated

So 7 facts about me, here goes…

  1. I started my blog about 3 weeks ago now. I started it because I’ve always loved writing and I needed a visual space to publish my thoughts. Starting back at school was really getting to me and I decided to use this as an escape from the real world. Also, I love reading other peoples blogs and I thought, why not start my own.
  2. I’m currently 16 years old (about to be 17 in 2 weeks eek) and sometimes I think about the fact that I’m so young, and my blog can grow with me as I mature. That makes me really happy. I hope this blog (and the people who follow me) is something I can take with me.
  3. My biggest dream in life is to travel the world with my two best friends who are my entire heart. I want to see everywhere and experience all the different cultures.
  4. I love music so much. It’s a very important part of my life and my day. I like a lot of different genres and bands. I’m a massive fan of alternative music and my favourite artists like the 1975, twenty one pilots, One Direction, Troye Sivan, Lana del Rey, Halsey etc  have helped me get through a lot.
  5. I do not know what I want to do after I leave school (In about 2 years sigh) but hopefully something in Media or Journalism, which you could’ve probably guessed because of the whole blog thing.
  6. I have an enormous fear of confined spaces.
  7. I was born in Boston Massachusetts but I’ve lived my whole life in an incredibly rural part of Ireland. It’s very boring. Which is probably a contributing factor to why I love the internet and creative things so much. They’re kind of like an escape from reality.
Thats it then! 7 completely random facts about me. I hope it gave you some insight into me as a person!
I tag:
I hope you enjoyed reading these little facts about me! I’ve tagged some blogs I enjoy reading so follow them too!
I hope you have a great day/evening/night wherever you are in the world!
signing off,