How To Style: Shirt Dresses ♡

Hey everyone!

Something I picked up recently in Penny’s, which I have become a bit obsessed with, is this shirt dress.


I was skeptical at first, thinking that it would overpower me or make me look lost in it (as I’m short and baggy dresses sometimes do that). But I was very pleasantly surprised.

This got me thinking of the many different ways I could make the dress look different and cool.

My initial thought was to wear it barelegged (I think tights could make it look too dark) and a simple pair of chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are just little black slip on boots if you weren’t sure.


I’m actually not sure where I got my ones, but you can get a great pair from Schuh.


The second way I would have styled this, was with a pair of white converse runners, and a denim jacket. I think a denim jacket looks cool over almost anything (except more denim of course…)

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 15.35.53.png

You can get a pair like this from Schuh for €56.00


The third way I would style this shirt, is to wear it open (yes open) but put a white or grey tank top underneath and a pair of jeans or shorts. Leaving the shirt long and flowy immediately makes your outfit look sophisticated and put together.

Hope this interested some of you! Let me know how you would style this shirt dress, so I can get the most wear out of it possible.








Girls Supporting Girls

I know I’m a few days late with this post, but I felt like I couldn’t let this iconic day pass without writing about it. My blog needed a little lift of feminine power on the day that encourages it most. I was inspired to write this by reading Zoella’s (my favourite lady blogger) blog post about women that inspire her and female encouragement.


I’ve learned through years of being friends with girls who do nothing but tear each other down, that the only way we’ll get anywhere in life, is if we LIFT EACH OTHER UP. It’s so simple. Girls who support other girls. Its important. My best friends now, who have been there for me through thick and thin, are some of the most beautiful, strong human beings you will ever meet. That’s the kind of woman you want to be. Thats the kind of sister, mother, aunt, cousin, neighbour or best friend you want to be.


I felt like this week, I needed to write about female encouragement, because seeing all the beautiful posts online about international womens day, reminded me of the power that can come from girl supporting girl, woman supporting woman. Encourage each other, use your energy for making other girls feel good about themselves. There’s enough toxicity in the world without women tearing each other down. Spread the love.


On that note, I want to make an offer to all you beautiful girl-bloggers out there. I’ve had nothing but incredibly support since I started my blog (all the likes and lovely comments) and I’m so grateful. If you want to form a support system, maybe do some sort of collaboration with me, I would love that. I feel like girls supporting girls should be put into practise on here too. Let me know in the comments, what women inspire you and if you’d like to collab on something!

Getting Festive

I think its finally acceptable to start my blogposts off with Merry Christmas!

So Merry Christmas!
I am so very excited for Christmas this year, and I’ve been getting in the festive spirit in so many ways, one of those being Vlogmas. I adore vlogmas, which if you’re not familiar with the term, is a series of daily vlogs, youtubers do from the 1st of December leading right up to Christmas day. I was so excited for it this year and now it’s finally begun I can’t wait to see all the amazing Christmas vlogs that are to come.
Other ways I’ve been getting into the spirit of things, is decorating. I just love the way Christmas decorations make my house look. Everything looks so much more cosy and inviting, so every year on the 1st day of December I start making little attempts to put up decorations despite the protests of my family members. Last Sunday we put up our Christmas tree and it looks beautiful.
I decorated it with gold and red baubles, some stars (not sure where I got them) and some bows, that you can make yourself using some ribbon or mesh.
Basically, just cut a length of mesh or fabric of some kind and tie it like a bow. Hey presto, you’ve got some beautiful original decorations!


Christmas movies are the perfect way to get into a christmassy mood. Getting cosy, wrapped in a blanket, drinking a hot drink and watching a christmas movie is bliss. Some of my personal favourites are Elf, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and The Holiday (though i do actually watch the Holiday throughout the year because its just so good). What are your favourite Christmas movies?


This week I also visited a local Christmas market. There were loads of crafts and artsy things there and it was really nice to see. I didn’t buy anything but it was nice walking around and looking at all the different things.

How do you get into the festive spirit? Do you have any Christmas traditions or things that help you get into the christmas mood? If so, let me know below, and we can all share our favourite things about the lead up to Christmas.

5 beauty products under €5

Hey everyone!

Happy thanksgiving to all my American friends. I’m ashamed to say as half american, that the only way I benefit from this holiday is through the Black Friday sales 😉

On that note, saving money to buy beauty products can be hard sometimes. I have learned how great many cheap makeup brands are, because I had no money for more expensive ones. Today, I thought I’d share that with the blog and show you some of my favourite beauty products under  €5. All of these can be bought at Primark or Boots.



Obviously I had to include this. My ride or die concealer, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer.



Pennys/Primark lipliners! This one is such a lovely colour and it’s  only €1.99. I’m not too sure what colour it is exactly, because it’s not on the packaging but it’s the nude one.



I really love this mascara. I’ve been using it for about 3 years and it’s just such good value for a mascara of that quality. It gives mega length to your lashes, so if length is something you look for above volume I would highly recommend. Its also got a very thin brush so it’s perfect for lower lashes that you don’t want to smudge.


IMG_0403 (1).jpg

I hear this is a dupe for the Nars ‘orgasm’ blush that everyone raves about, but I can’t say I’ve tried that one. This blush however is gorgeous. It’s really pigmented but never comes out too rosy on your cheeks. It’s just the perfect shade of soft pink to give you a little glow.

IMG_0402 (1).jpg

My final beauty buy under  €5 is Wet and Wilds lipstick in the shade “Bare it All”. Again, I’ve heard this is a dupe for a much more expensive lipstick (macs velvet teddy) so I decided before I went out and bought the mac one which was quadruple the price, I would try this one out and see if I liked the colour. I love it so much. I wear it most days when I don’t want to wear a colourful lipstick and sometimes I wear it to school too. It’s cheap, pigmented and soft on your lips, what more could you ask for?


That’s it! I hope you learned something from this little guide. If you’ve got any of these products, or want to check them out in the future, let me know below!

Have a lovely thanksgiving!






My book collection and reviews

There’s nothing more relaxing than opening a really good book, and diving into it, letting it take over you brain (and your time) for a while. I have always loved reading since I was a little girl. Every Christmas my dad buys me 3 new books and encourages us to read as much as possible. I think my love of writing stemmed from there. As you can imagine, over many years of reading, I have collected quite a large number of books. I like reading all sorts of things, and have a very wide variety of books from thrillers to soppy love story books.
Pictured here is the line up of books I currently have on my bookshelf, that have been there for a while, as I go back to them regularly, to read a few pages, or review the things I have underlined. Do you do that too? I always have a pen or pencil with me when I’m reading, as I like to underline the things I find interesting.
I thought, for all the book lovers, or for those of you who don’t read very often, but are looking for some book inspiration, I would give a little review of some of my current faves.

Girl, interrupted.


I’m usually anti-book-to-movie nonsense, as it more often than not, ruins the image i created in my head of the characters. However, I admittedly watched this movie before I read the book and its one of my favourite movies. It follows a girl, the author of the book, Susanna Kaysen, through a difficult time of change in the late 60’s, as she struggles with mental disorders and lack of direction in her life. I loved this story so much, that I bought the book and loved that too.
There are heavier topics in this book, so if you don’t like things like that, it may not be for you.


Bluets, by Maggie Nelson


I bought this book over the summer and was not at all expecting the book I got. It’s written in a kind of list format, and is all about the association the author’s life has, with the colour blue. She gives reasons, and situations in which she feels deeply connected to the colour. It’s easier to read it, than to explain it but it’s definitely worth the read.

Looking for Alaska


As you can probably tell from the picture, I am a big fan of John Greens books. I’ve read all of them and can say confidently that Looking for Alaska was my favourite. This is one particular book that I would not want to see as a movie. I enjoyed creating the characters and their surroundings in my imagination. This story, follows Miles (or Pugde) as he enrolls at a boarding school and befriends some interesting characters, The Colonel, Takumi and Alaska, a beautifully unstable hurricane of a girl. To say any more would ruin the genius and the tragedy of this book. All I’m saying is read it, and you’ll know what I mean.


The Perks of being a wallflower


I feel a certain connection to this book, as I read it first when I was 15, the same age as Charlie is in this book, and was going through a rough time, as Charlie also was in this book. It breaks my heart a little bit to read this book, as each time I gain a new perspective, I see a new angle to it that I didn’t before. It’s the perfect view of teenage life, unglamourized, unromaticised and in its truest, provocative, raw and earth shattering form. I connected so personally with this book because it’s written, not like an adult looking back on their youth, but as a teenager, living in it. I think everyone should read this book, and appreciate it’s magic.

The Harry Potter Series


There’s something about Harry Potter that warms my heart. I read my first Harry Potter book when I was about 10 and ever since I’ve read all the books, seen all the movies and loved every second of both. There’s just something so magical (pardon the pun) about Harry Potter books, that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. It always somehow reminds me of Christmas, although I’m not sure why. Yes the books are based around adolsecent wizards and the things they get up to, but theres so much more to these stories. Lessons like the power of friendship and the strength of family bonds. I love Harry Potter and will go to my grave saying everyone should read these books.

Last nights makeup

Hello again!

Because I’m a complete amateur, I forgot to take a picture of my makeup without a filter last night. How smart am I?

Anyways, I thought I’d post a few of the products that I used on my face and tell you why I like them.



please excuse how dirty the foundation lid is. but really, how do people keep that clean??


Loreal True Match foundation

I really like this foundation. This one is a few shades darker than my natural skin tone because I wear it out at night, when I have fake tan on so my face matches my body. This is super easy to blend and covers everything that I want covered. It also doesn’t feel too heavy on.


Rimmel Scandaleyes liner

This is perfect for thin eyeliner lines, especially for precision when you’re doing winged eyeliner. It’s very inky and stays on all night. I think I got it for €5.99.


Sleek highlighting palette in ‘Solstice’

My fave fave fave highlight! It’s just so freaking pretty, in the packaging and on your face. I love strong highlight and this is perfect for building up, whether you just want a dusting on the top of your cheekbones or you want full on glittery magic. It’s so beautiful and the pinky toned one is my favourite. There are 3 powder ones and 1 creamy kind of one (top left).


NYX matte bronzer in medium

Supposedly a dupe for Benefits hula bronzer, but I haven’t ever tried that one. This however, I love. It adds such colour and depth to your makeup. I love a bit of bronzer to wake your face up and this does the job for sure.


Mac lipstick in Whirl

My favourite lipstick. I always find myself reaching for this without a second thought, because it’s just the perfect nude for every outfit. It’s a little bit more expensive than the rest of the makeup, but every girl needs a nude lipstick. If you’re looking for a good one, try this.




Peep it’s me being photobombed by my best friends legs. 


Well that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you want to ask anything about the products or want to give me feedback, please feel free to comment below. Hope you all have an amazing week!




New camera!



Before I start making excuses for no posts this week (here comes the excuse) I’ve been very busy with school and I just today, got a new phone. Yay for higher quality pictures!

So because I couldn’t do the post I was going to do (still to come this week) I thought I’d just do a little update to let you know that I am working on new stuff.

Now that I’ve got a higher quality camera, I can’t wait to start working on blogposts I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’m excited to start taking better pictures and therefore making better blogposts! I hope I’ll be able to start posting twice a week on here and I’m going to make time even when my school schedule gets a little crazy. I love this blog and there’s so many fun posts yet to come. Watch this space!

Signing off,

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 19.52.45.png