How To Style: Shirt Dresses ♡

Hey everyone!

Something I picked up recently in Penny’s, which I have become a bit obsessed with, is this shirt dress.


I was skeptical at first, thinking that it would overpower me or make me look lost in it (as I’m short and baggy dresses sometimes do that). But I was very pleasantly surprised.

This got me thinking of the many different ways I could make the dress look different and cool.

My initial thought was to wear it barelegged (I think tights could make it look too dark) and a simple pair of chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are just little black slip on boots if you weren’t sure.


I’m actually not sure where I got my ones, but you can get a great pair from Schuh.


The second way I would have styled this, was with a pair of white converse runners, and a denim jacket. I think a denim jacket looks cool over almost anything (except more denim of course…)

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 15.35.53.png

You can get a pair like this from Schuh for €56.00


The third way I would style this shirt, is to wear it open (yes open) but put a white or grey tank top underneath and a pair of jeans or shorts. Leaving the shirt long and flowy immediately makes your outfit look sophisticated and put together.

Hope this interested some of you! Let me know how you would style this shirt dress, so I can get the most wear out of it possible.








Pennys/Primark Winter must haves!

hello hello!

Have you noticed the change in my blog theme? I’m not sure about it yet, but leave comment and let me know what you think, is it hard to navigate or read or anything like that?

Annnnyways, today I put together a little favourites from my recent trip to Pennys (which is Primark if you live in the UK). Pennys is honestly one of my favourite shops, everything is just so affordable and cute. You go in there for a pair of socks and come out with every single piece of their homeware collection, makeup you don’t need and a pair of shorts even though its November. Do you know what I mean?


This cable knit cardigan was €12 and is so warm and cosy. I have a feeling I’m going to be over-wearing this ALOT.




The cutest leather bag ever, was only €14.99.



I love hats so I got a maroon bobble hat for when it get’s a bit colder. This was €7 I think.




I got this bodysuit a little while ago, but its really cute and it goes with everything so I thought I’d include it. This was €6.